Why Advent?

Advent candles, advent wreaths and Advent calendars. Why Advent? Why not simply go for the scene at the manger?

Advent opens our eyes to new beginnings. There was the prophecy that a king would be born who would be the long awaited Messiah! When the leaders, the wise men saw a star like no other in the sky, they new it must be the sign! Because thrones were inherited in those day, they headed out to see King Herod. It made sense to them because only the offspring of a King could become the new King. So they traveled there and when Herod, with his ego found out what, or rather, who they were looking for, he became enraged. Perhaps this was the worse case of jealousy known at that time. Herod ordered that all male babies two years of age and younger be killed. The lives of innocent children snuffed out because of one man’s fear of losing it all.

So the wise men headed out to find the ONE who had come to Rock not only Herod’s world, but to rock eternity! That day; that one day would change the lives of those who witnessed it forever.

It was one prophesy, one star, one child born King that would change the hearts of people from then and until the end of time. Jesus; Emanuel; God with us!

They didn’t have social media then, but can you imagine Twitter?! This event would have broken the internet for weeks. People had to walk miles and miles. Some were wealthy enough to have animals to ride. Others were desperate for a Messiah and did what they could to get there. Everyone wanted to see this child born King!

Advent. Advent is a time of new beginnings. From the cradle to King, from King to the Cross, from the Cross to the Grave, from the grave to the resurrected Savior. King of all Kings.

This child born King is the one who came so that we could begin again; start fresh. He came to give us life!

As we enjoy this season of gift giving and holiday greetings, may we seek what it is that God would have us learn together and let’s begin…..

God’s blessings to you and yours this season,

Merry Christmas!

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