Portrait Photography

Group Hug

When you meet with one of our Photo Artists, the first thing we will do is sit down for a chat to discuss your vision for the project. We want to get to know you and those involved so that we can start mapping out the perfect place, time and creative image plan.

Once we have decided that, we will talk about wardrobe selection. Comfort is important to relaxing and being the best YOU that you can be. While we may make some suggestions such as “don’t wear wrinkled clothes” or “please DO wear clothes”, we are open to your ideas as well.

If you want to include a family pet, we LOVE animals and are not discriminatory. Cats, Dogs, Reptiles (as long as we don’t have to hold them), Horses, Cows, Goats or anything that may be included in your family zoo is welcome to be in the scene. (Keep in mind, however, that animals do best in their own comfortable environment. So if we are doing an exclusive pet photo session, it may take more than one session for your little ball of fluff or slinky fellow to get to know us and be comfortable enough to show off for the camera.

No matter the situation, we want to help you keep a memory alive for a long, long time. We want each session to be comfortable and enjoyable.

And if you don’t have fun while you are with us then…….we are doing something wrong!

To set up a consultation for our creative session, please contact us at info@barefootcreativeservices.com or call 913-205-0301.