Full Circle

Mrs. Todd wasn’t just our junior high school home economics teacher. She was more than that. She was a role model and mentor. Perhaps because it was a small school, she had time to give the individual attention that students sometimes need. I believe that she would have tried to reach out to every one … [Read more…]

Why Advent?

Advent candles, advent wreaths and Advent calendars. Why Advent? Why not simply go for the scene at the manger? Advent opens our eyes to new beginnings. There was the prophecy that a king would be born who would be the long awaited Messiah! When the leaders, the wise men saw a star like no other … [Read more…]

Back to Middle C

One of the most significant life lessons I have learned was learned in piano lessons. A few years back Mike asked if I would teach him how to play the piano. Because he does play guitar and drums, not at the same time, I know that he has an ear for music and that rhythm … [Read more…]